Diet psychology, gaintaining, diet mistakes & more [Podcast] –

Diet psychology, gaintaining, diet mistakes & more [Podcast]

In this podcast, Steve Hall from Revive Stronger interviewed me about my new bo, The Science of Self-control, gaintaining, diet mistakes and Steve’s most popular listener questions. See the time stamps below.     00:00 Intro 05:35 Maingaining/Gaintaining 10:05 The science of self-control 12:41 Diet chapter and psychological traits 21:11 Overloed things when dieting 28:29 Maximum Fibre intake 31:16 Better gains with lower volume 38:11 When to eat before training 41:47 Eating three meals per day optimal 45:16 Thoughts on the constrained energy mo 52:08 Does being flexible inhibit growth? 54:06 How long to maintain before a cut or mini … Continue reading Diet psychology, gaintaining, diet mistakes & [Podcast]

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