Socrates said it's a shame to grow old without seeing what manner of man we may become when we develop our mind and body to their limits. 

I live by this Ancient Greek wisdom. Education and physical training are the pillars of my life. I tried to ignore it and follow a more traditional career path as a business consultant and data analyst. It wasn't for me. The best decision of my life was trading my company car to follow my passion in fitness. 

I now help serious strength trainees get the most out of their physique with scientific fitness education. I'm an online physique coach, scientific researcher and international public speaker.

In what little time I don't spend working or educating myself, I slow-travel the world with my digital nomad girlfriend in search of the planet's most beautiful nature and tastiest sushi.

  • Board member of the Institute of Nutrition and Fitness Sciences (INFS), India, and FitZonderFabels, the Netherlands.
  • Advisory board member of Legion Athletics, USA.
  • Founder of the Henselmans Personal Training Certification Program (PT Course), also available in Dutch, Spanish, French and German.
  • Featured author in Men's Health, IronMind, T-Nation, AARR and many more publications. Menno’s work has been translated into Dutch, Norwegian, Spanish, Polish, Turkish, Italian, Chinese, Bulgarian, Portugese and German.
  • Experienced physique coach, including several pro card winning clients and international prize winners in physique sports and powerlifting.
  • BSc magna cum laude from the international honor’s college UCU.
  • MSc with distinction from the University of Warwick.
  • MPA Award winning model & WBFF Fitness Model Competitor.
  • Ranked #1 Fitness Website in the Huffington Post.
  • International public speaker for i.a. the Oxford and Cambridge Alumni Association, BodyPower and the Norwegian Academy for Personal Training (AFPT).
  • Published scientific author in Sports Medicine, the highest impact factor journal in exercise science, and peer-reviewer for the Journal of Human Kinetics.

Meet my team

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My interest in science and research developed more and more during my bachelors. I have a Masters degree in Exercise Physiology with resistance training as my main interest.

Besides working with research and my studies, I also run the FredFitology blog.

Fredrik Tonstad Vårvik

Associate researcher

Fascinated by human beings in general, I love learning and teaching concepts that enhance our experience of life. Lifting weights and nutrition are a big part of that as well as constant self-improvement.

I teach psychology and work as an online physique coach.

Thomas Campidell  

Associate researcher & Tutor German PT Course

As a Certified Henselmans PT and Digital Marketer, I help promote evidence based methods.

I get to spend my time on the forefront of interesting topics like data analysis, psychology and business.

Vincent Huisman 

Digital marketer

Specialized in building rich UX and custom interactivity, I single-handedly produce what makes a website useful, fast and beautiful. Deadlift could be better!

Ivan Brkic

Web developer

International speaker, personal trainer, and online coach. Passionate about bodybuilding due a personal interest in improving his own physique and learning the "whys and hows".

Considered one of the most experienced and knowledgeable people on low-carbohydrate diets, he has extensive knowledge and certifications in various areas of bodybuilding, health and nutrition.

luis villasenor

Tutor Spanish PT course

Contest prep coach and tutor of the Dutch PT Course. Specializing in elite performance both physically and mentally, Richards coaching is geared towards you becoming the best you can possibly be; both mentally and physically.

Richard Bell

Tutor Dutch PT Course & Contest prep coach

After 8 years as an engineer, Nevin decided to follow his true passion : helping others become the best version of themselves through training and knowledge. He is now a full time online coach and tutor.

Nevin Barnett

Tutor French PT course

Former journalist, Antoine decided to follow his passion for exercise science when he met Menno Henselmans.

He created a Youtube channel who now gathers more than 100k followers and translated the famous PT Course into French with his best friend Nevin to change the French fitness industry for good.

Antoine Fombonne

Tutor French PT course

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