Fitness for the elderly and beginners [Interview]

In this live interview, Felipe Caggiano asked me about fitness for beginners and the elderly, along with a lot of general questions about  nutrition. There should be some interesting bits for everyone in the list below:


  • 1- A lot of my followers are on a low carb diet. They managed to lose weight and are now look into gaining lean mass. But its often said that in order to gain lean mass you have to increase your carb intake by a lot. What do you think about that?
  • 2- Another thing these woman hear is both losing weight and gaining lean mass is very hard after you turn 30. A lot harder in your 40s and basically impossible after 50. Is this true? At what point does age become a problem?
  • 3- What about your diet is important to pay attention to once you’re 40 or older? And is it different for women versus men?
  • 4- About your training and exercise? What should you start doing — or maybe stop doing after 40?
  • 5- Do you have any advice for woman in their 50s that want to start working out? And how do you feel about hormone replacement therapy (HRT/TRT)?
  • 6- How important is protein intake for older people?
  • 7- Many of my followers are intermittent fasting. What are you thoughts on exercising while fasting when your goal is to gain lean muscle mass?
  • 8- Do you recommend pre-work and if so, what should people look for in their pre-workout supplement or food?
  • 9- One thing that has a lot of disagreement is when you should eat and therefore how many meals you should have in a day. For those on low carb diets, people will often eat 2 or 3 times a day. But it’s commonly recommended for people, generally, to eat 4 or more times a day. What do you suggest?
  • 10 – Another contentious topic is how much people should eat to gain lean mass. It’s difficult for people that were previously obese to take on a high-calorie diet. So I would like to ask you two things: is a calorie surplus really necessary to gain lean mass? What would a good diet for gaining lean mass look like?
  • 11- Because of COVID, most elderly people are afraid to go to the gym or a workout class. Is it possible to gain muscle mass while working out from home? What do you think of home workouts?
  • 12- Do you have any tips on how to improve a home workout without expensive or bulky equipments?
  • 13- Many woman find it difficult to eat 1.6g of protein per kg, especially when they eat only when they are hungry. I would like to know your opinion on these two scenarios:
    1- For someone that wants to lose weight, is it important for them to hit that protein intake goal to preserve lean mass even if they are not hungry?
    2- for someone who’s goal is to gain lean mass, how important is to eat 1.6g of protein every day, even if they are not hungry?
  • 14- Many people say they don’t work out because they don’t have enough time. What is your opinion on short work outs, maximum 20 minutes? Is it possible to have a good short work out and gain mass?


Watch the interview recording here on Instagram

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About the author

Menno Henselmans

Formerly a business consultant, I've traded my company car to follow my passion in strength training. I'm now an online physique coach, scientist and international public speaker with the mission to help serious trainees master their physique.

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