22 Interesting studies from this summer

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Didn’t get a chance to catch up with the latest research this summer? Here are 22 of the most interesting research posts from July and August 2017.


1. Spot reduction is probably not a myth after all



2. Sleep optimization is underrated for your gains


3. 7 New research findings

4. The new meta-analyis on how much protein you need co-authored by Menno


5. Nutrient timing matters; protein quality often not so much


6. Muscle is not 5x denser than fat


7. Polyphenols can increase exercise performance


8. What makes muscle grow?

Mechanisms of muscle growth

A review paper published just after this video strongly supported Menno’s critique of the role of metabolic stress for muscle growth:

And another study shortly after questioned the necessity of muscle damage for muscle growth:


9. Is the hip thrust overrated?


10. Your tongue position affects your strength?


11. Calorie counting isn’t for everyone


12. ‘Bad cholesterol’ can be good for your gains


13. How many carbs should you eat?


14. Athletes sleep better and perform better when training in the afternoon vs. the morning


15. Strength training may save your life one day


16. The best training program is the one tailored to your genetics



17. Many positive anecdotes about supplements are probably placebo


18. Linear vs. undulating periodization


19. BCAAs before a ‘fasted’ training may not just be useless but actually harmful


20. Many supplements secretly spiked with steroids


21. Is coffee healthy?


22. Why so many people hate the ketogenic diet

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