Willpower, breaking bad habits & starving your cravings [Interview]

Astrid Naranjo interviewed me about how to cultivate more willpower, break bad habits, starve your cravings and other topics from my new book. See her timestamps below.



  • 00:01 Intro
  • 01:25 what inspired Menno to write the book
  • 03:17 *Self control- theory of the willpower as a limited resource (situations of self control failure as a result of ego depletion)
  • 05:59 *”Self control seen as an investment strategy  in contrast to consumption 
  • 07:09 *Why willpower is not like a muscle? Can we train self control
  • 10:28 *Procrastination,  how to stop this 
  • 12:10 To do lists – made efficient
  • 16:21 *self scheduling work & programing your diet with your circadian rhythm,  how beneficial can this be
  • 18:08 how about those who have the clock inverted/ Shift workers 
  • 20:31 *Stance on Nootropics for brain alertness & focus & more productivity 
  • 22:21 do you need Nootropics to be more productive 
  • 23:20 nootropics in pre workouts
  • 25:03 *How important is to keep relatively stable your blood sugar levels throughout the day when it comes to health
  • 27:45 importance of consistent meal pattern/structure?
  • 29:51 shift work 
  • 31:10 *When a person is in energy deficit,  why people usually report brain fog, more mood changes,  people are more cranky , you talk about this your book. Is there any relationship between calorie deficit & mental energy/mood
  • 32:45 calorie deficit doesn’t mean food scarcity.  2 S : satiating & satisfying
  • 36:11 potatoes are very underrated 
  • 37:38 *Explain the postprandial somnolence, why people get sleepy after a meal rather than feeling super energetic straight away
  • 39:13 *Once you decide on your preferences low vs high carb diet,  how important is keeping same consistency on a daily basis, does it matter if you switch day to day the ratio of these 2 macros
  • 42:24 *What do you mean by “not binding bacon to the cat’s back”
  • 44:33 mindless eating/ snacking
  • 47:14 *A very popular question that gets asked all the time, How to stop food cravings? – you also talk about the food craving inventory, how does this help
  • 49:33 Food restriction vs food deprivation & the power of choosing 
  • 51:11 think of energy density before every meal 
  • 52:00 after a meal, think whether it was worth it or not 
  • 53:00 *How to break an undesirable eating habit? There are 3 methods, substitution,  discontinuation & inhibition,  how are these implemented
  • 56:18 Is there such thing as food addiction

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About the author

Menno Henselmans

Formerly a business consultant, I've traded my company car to follow my passion in strength training. I'm now an online physique coach, scientist and international public speaker with the mission to help serious trainees master their physique.

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