StrongCast Radio: The Bayesian Bodybuilding Method

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Vid from StrongCast Radio interviewed Menno Henselmans about what sets the Bayesian Bodybuilding apart.



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Overview with time stamps

  • A quick breakdown of who Menno is, and a rough intro to the Bayesian Bodybuilding approach – 3:00
  • How and why Menno first got into the gym – 5:30
  • The mistakes which he made early on in his training – 8:00
  • At which point he started taking a more evidence-based approach to his training – 10:00
  • An in-depth breakdown of the hallmark factors of Bayesian Bodybuilding – 12:00
  • Explaining what’s neccesary to achieve elusive goal of gaining muscle while losing fat concurrently – 23:30
  • Figureing out your individual anabolic windows and how to take advantage of them – 30:00
  • Menno constructs a sample plan for an ‘avatar’ example – 40:00
  • The pitfalls many people face simply due to psychologicla factors – 50:00
  • The “Quick Questions” begin – 1:01:00


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About the author

Menno Henselmans

Formerly a business consultant, I've traded my company car to follow my passion in strength training. I'm now an online physique coach, scientist and international public speaker with the mission to help serious trainees master their physique.

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