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Abel Csabai interviewed me about a ton of stuff here in this hour long video podcast.


02:17: Mennos contest prep
04:56: How lean can you get without macro tracking?
09:26 – What were your goals when you got into fitness?
14:30 – When did you become an ‘innovator’ in fitness?
21:05 – The role of calories in gaining muscle and body-recomposition
26:58 – The role of nutrient timing: could it be more important than overall calories?
29:55 – Menno’s stance on deloads
33:15 – aren’t deloads necessary to prevent injury?
Rapid Fire:
40:29 – your biggest challenge so far
42:43 – what do you do in your own training that is not optimal but you do it out of personal preference?
44:19 – when did you take 2 days out of the gym on purpose?
45:05 – productivity tips
50:05 – a gym machine you wish existed
51:21 – a study design you wish existed
54:40 – investment vs consumption days
57:52 – How to bankrupt an all-you-can-eat sushi restaurant…
1:00:00 – Menno’s online availability



Click here for the SoundCloud audio only version

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Menno Henselmans

Formerly a business consultant, I've traded my company car to follow my passion in strength training. I'm now an online physique coach, scientist and international public speaker with the mission to help serious trainees master their physique.

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