Hong Kong: 23 - 24 March 

The Science of Body Recomposition

    The Science of Body Recomposition is a culmination of Menno's experience working with hundreds of clients combining the latest in cutting edge research with practical application.

    In this 2-Day training workshop, you’ll be exposed to the nutrition, training and lifestyle systems that Menno has created to ensure that his clients achieve in optimal results in a fast and sustainable manner.

    "A former business consultant specialized in advanced statistical data analysis, the best decision of my life was trading my company car to follow my passion in fitness and become a digital nomad. I now help serious strength trainees get the most out of their physique with my online coaching, international public speaking events and scientific publications."

  • Optimal Training Parameters for Maximal Hypertrophy: volume, frequency, intensity, rest intervals, tempo, and training to failure and beyond
  • High-Frequency Training Systems- the science and application.
  • The Muscle-Specific Hypertrophy method
  • Advanced Training Techniques
  • Periodisation for personal trainers
  • Exercise Selection and Execution (with hands-on practical workshop)
  • Understanding Human Metabolism: yo-yo dieting, reverse dieting, metabolic damage, set-point theory and more
  • How to optimise energy intake for fat loss, body recomposition and lean bulking
  • How to optimise your macros
  • Applying a Ketogenic dietary framework
  • Ad libitum dieting: how to get you and your clients lean without tracking your macros
  • How to control your appetite- learn the most satiating foods to consume.
  • The Science of Inflammation and how this applies to your personal training clients.
  • How to adjust training variables for Female clients


Sat., 23 March 2019

Sun., 24 March 2019


ATP Personal Training

6th floor, 1 On Hing Terrace, Central, Hongkong


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