Want to see Eric Helms and Menno Henselmans discuss protein requirements for 5 hours straight? Then this seminar is not for you. We already did that.

Instead, Eric and Menno are going to discuss advanced training and nutrition practices. This seminar will be for intermediate and advanced lifters. You’re expected to have experience following a diet with macros and a planned training program. Topics will include high frequency training programming, how to lose fat without tracking your macros (ad libitum dieting), autoregulation and uncommon strategies to enhance your progress (incl. visualization, affirmation and some recovery strategies).



Saturday 21 October

10:00 – 15:00 h



GetStrength gym

385 B Neilson St (Behind TWL)


Auckland; New Zealand



Price: ~119 NZD (€77.41)

Note: A few Euros are added to the price by the ticket vendor.

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You don’t need to bring your ticket to the seminar, just proof of ID.

If you have any questions about the seminar, you can contact the Bayesian Bodybuilding administration at BayesianBodybuilding@Gmail.com.


See you there!

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