High protein recipe: Omelette Hawaii

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Omelette Hawaii, I love how well sweet pineapple goes with gooey cheese, all packed in a perfect, fluffy omelette.



Apart from giving it you a sweet summer vibe, this is a great low calorie, high protein recipe too. Perfect to work on your beach body, while enjoying something different between your other recipes.

Ingredients for 1 omelette

  • 10 Egg whites
  • 150 g – 5.3 oz Pineapple slices*
  • 50 g – 1.8 oz (grated) Mozzarella
  • 50 g – 1.8 oz  Ham (pork shoulder, lean, deli meat, sliced

Macros per omelette

Protein: 58 g

Fat: 15 g

Carbohydrated: 25 g

Energy: 479 kcal


Directions in video format



*You get the best results if you grill the pineapple slices for a bit while you prepare the omelette ingredients, to enhance the sweet flavor. This step is optional however.

  1. In a bowl, whisk the egg whites with a bit of zero kcal sweetener (optional, but goes very well with the rest) and salt to taste.
  2. Heat a bit of oil in a skillet and make an omelette. If you want to master you omelette making technique, watch this video first.
  3. As soon as the omelette is (almost) done, add 1/3 of the cheese, add the deli sliced meat, the (grilled) pineapple slices and top with the rest of the cheese.
  4. Fold the omelette carefully.
  5. Heat it on very low heat for ~1 minute. Enjoy!



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