18 Interesting studies from 2016

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1. Beta-alanine useless?


2. Sugar isn’t evil


3. Strength training for brain gains


4. BCAAs no better than sugar


5. Cardio ‘not that bad’?


6. Saturated fat good for your heart?


7. Red meat & cancer


8. Protein is overrated


9. Circadian rhythms are underrated


10. Stop demonizing insulin


11. Late night protein snacking


12. Intermittent fasting


13. Short rest for maximum muscle is broscience


14. High frequency training


15. Can the body only absorb 20 g protein per meal?


16. Dairy: healthy or not?


17. Bodybuilding for life


And last but not least…

18. Menno Henselmans own publication about metabolic damage [click to read]

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