The Future of Bayesian Bodybuilding

Why the domain change? What’s with the recipes? How did the seminar go? As regular readers of this site probably noticed, a few things have changed recently. Behind the scenes, a lot more great developments have taken place. Before I elaborate on what this means for you and what you can expect from Bayesian Bodybuilding in the future, let’s start where it all began.

Several years ago I became, to my knowledge, the first person in the history of T-Nation to publish an article there without having any prior reputation. I had a few local clients, but I didn’t have impressive credentials. I wasn’t a fitness model. I didn’t even have a website at the time and I had zero online presence. This gave me hope that a voice armed with nothing but the truth can still reach an audience in the fitness industry. That hope led to a website, which led to a company.

Since then, I’ve published several print and online articles, but I spent the vast majority of my time on my (online) clients and my work as a ghostwriter. Ghostwriting taught me a lot. It gave me a revealing insider’s perspective on the fitness industry and working with various top editors made me a better writer.

However, being a ghostwriter is a strange profession. You basically have nothing to show for your work. You see your articles in magazines with some celebrity’s name on them and you obviously can’t tell anyone you wrote it. Nor would you want to in most cases, because most ghostwriting gigs are basically “This is my new method. I want you to prove that it works using science. Oh and make it nice to read.”

I’m fortunate enough to be able to make a living from my passion in bodybuilding. As a writer, I want to share the uncompromising truth about everything related to fitness. Therefore, I hereby quit ghostwriting. I have a few projects that I’ll finish, but I’m no longer accepting new assignments.

Quitting ghostwriting means I’ll have more time for clients, my website and other projects. Here are some things that are changing in Bayesian Bodybuilding.


Guest Articles

From now on I will also feature guest articles on Bayesian Bodybuilding. The only requirements of guest articles are that they are related to bodybuilding and are evidence based. It doesn’t matter who you are. I will evaluate every article based on its own merit. If you’re interested in writing for Bayesian Bodybuilding, just send me an email with the article to MennoHenselmans[at]BayesianBodybuilding[dot]com.

Guest posts are one of the reasons I changed my domain (website url) to my brand instead of my personal name. The other is that Bayesian Bodybuilding is no longer just me flying solo (though rest assured that all messages posted under by name were in fact written by me and it is me that you will reach when you message me). Which brings me to the next change.



I’m working together with a cook to develop awesome bodybuilding recipes that I’ll post in the new recipes section. This will not be your typical recipe dump. Every recipe is stringently rated by me on various aspects. Only the crème de la crème is accepted. It doesn’t have to be fancy. It just has to be awesome. Much to the dismay of the cook, the current acceptance rate of recipes is about 1 in 20, which is lower than the acceptance rate at Harvard University. If it’s not something I consider incorporating in my own actual meal plan, it won’t be in this section.

Got a recipe you think is suitable for this section? Email it to me at MennoHenselmans[at]BayesianBodybuilding[dot]com and we’ll try it. If we like it, we’ll post it under your name.

Subscribed to my articles but don’t want to receive email updates for recipes? You can change which categories you’re subscribed to in your account panel by logging in (see your subscription confirmation email or go to the Meta tab in the sidebar on the right).


High Calorie Healthy Snack: Oriental Truffles

The first recipe of the new recipes section.



I’ve working on several scientific studies at the moment, mostly in an advisory role. I would like to continue contributing to the scientific community, so I’ve started partnering with students and universities. I think one of the main areas of improvement in science is that too much research done by students is wasted, dumped into an archive somewhere instead of published into a scientific journal. I published my bachelor’s thesis and I’m still working on getting my master’s thesis published. Are you a student writing a paper that you think may be eligible for publication in a scientific journal? Send me an email (MennoHenselmans[at]BayesianBodybuilding[dot]com ) and I’ll help you publish your paper. I’ll critically review your paper, assist you with the statistical analyses and help you during the publication process. For free.



Over the past 2 years I’ve had the pleasure of coaching national level bodybuilders, other personal trainers and international fitness models. I’ve also had a waiting list for almost a year now and I know I haven’t responded to everyone yet who asked for online personal training. I’m currently revising my consulting options so that I can better accommodate everyone. If you emailed me, I will contact you as soon as a spot opens.



My last seminar with Børge Fagerli was a major success on every front. Aside from me forgetting to stop ticket sales when we sold out, causing us to have to ask the hotel to cram the room with additional seats, everything went smooth as a baby’s deep squat. We got tons of great feedback and Børge and I have become genuinely close friends. Due to this success, we’ve decided to hold another seminar. It will take place during the weekend of February 1 & 2 in Bergen, Norway. Updates soon!


Menno Henselmans seminar

Me presenting during my seminar with Børge Fagerli in Norway.


Other Projects

I’m in the process of developing an app for Android and iOS that serves as a pocket personal trainer. Also, I’ve started writing my first book, well the first book with my name on it at least. I’m not even going to give the vaguest of promises of a deadline for either of these projects yet, since I know the obscene amount of work that goes into writing a book and I know very little yet about apps.


Finally, you can strongly influence the future of Bayesian Bodybuilding. Here are just a few examples of how you can participate in the growth of evidence based bodybuilding:

  • Post links to discussions that you’d like me to chime in on.
  • Submit your own recipes or articles.
  • Send feedback about the website. Suggestions are always welcome.
  • Partner up to publish your research.
  • Post requests for new articles.

And if you have any questions about anything, don’t hesitate to send me a message via the Bayesian Bodybuilding Facebook page, my personal Facebook profile, Twitter, email or the comments section.

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Menno Henselmans

Formerly a business consultant, I've traded my company car to follow my passion in strength training. I'm now an online physique coach, scientist and international public speaker with the mission to help serious trainees master their physique.

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