Discussing individualization with Mike Israetel & Eric Helms [podcast]

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Tons of people follow generic programs from the web or copy the routines of pro bodybuilders. Often with poor results, because everyone has an at least slightly different physiology. What works for others may not work for you. In fact, the term ‘non-responder to exercise’ is rather seen as a ‘non-responder to this specific program’ based on recent research findings. While some have it easier than others, virtually nobody cannot gain muscle or strength. You just have to find what works for you. In this massive 3-part podcast together with Eric Helms and Mike Israetel, I discuss how to determine what’s optimal for you.


It’s probably best to bookmark this page, as this is a total of over 3 hours of content. You can also view the time-stamps below to skip to the parts you find most interesting.


Part 1: general principles and lifestyle factors

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01:08 Mike talks about the genetic elements of individualisation

06:31 Menno elaborates on his method to find what’s optimal

16:39 Mike touches on the MRV concept

21:11 Eric shares his experience on environmental influences

25:44 Menno responds to Eric’s comments on the importance of sleep

28:30 Mike continuous with emphasising sleep and its impact on progress

32:23 Menno gives his take experience on sleep

35:46 Eric speaks about “optimal”

42:56 Eric talks about how the industry takes advantages of people looking for optimisation

48:48 Mike further gets into the things Eric brought up

51:16 Menno mentions that you have to be sceptical when it comes to supplements

55:01 Eric expands on the topic around supplements

57:58 Eric ends with summarising what individualisation implies


Part 2: training

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00:49 Mike talks about MEV & MRV and how much additional hypertrophy does more volume give you

05:14 Menno shares his experience on individual volume landmarks

09:30 Mike touches on junk volume and fear of losing muscle

12:21 Menno further talks about his discoveries and experience on the matter

13:36 Mike responds to Menno’s comments on obsession

14:49 Menno continuous with talking about autoregulated rest days

15:57 Menno furthermore elaborates on caloric deficits on losing muscle

17:17 Menno starts speaking about frequency

19:21 Mike talks about his opinion on training frequency

26:12 Menno response to Mike’s comments on frequency

28:15 Mike talks about session MEV/MRV

35:01 Menno expands on the topic around session MEV/MRV

44:44 Mike starts talking about individualisation for rep ranges

51:55 Menno explains his take on rep ranges

01:01:02 Mike gets back to the things Menno just mentioned

01:03:58 Menno elaborates on training intensity on hypertrophy


Part 3: exercise technique & nutrition

Alternate links to Soundcloud, iTunes and more info.

00:48 Mike starts up with talking about technique and form

03:53 Menno speaks about his take on technique and execution

08:04 Mike touches on Menno’s points being made

10:03 Menno further elaborates on the importance of technique

11:57 Menno & Mike share their thoughts on how to properly execute leg extensions

14:23 Menno shares his take on productive body fat %

19:45 Mike adds his thoughts on the matter followed by Menno’s response

23:56 Mike delves into the topic of productive body fat %

27:40 Menno shares his thoughts on estimation of body fat %

28:50 Mike further gets into the question about 15% body fat as a limit

30:10 Menno talks about gaining/cutting cycles

33:06 Mike quickly touches on individualisation on nutrition


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Formerly a business consultant, I've traded my company car to follow my passion in strength training. I'm now an online physique coach, scientist and international public speaker with the mission to help serious trainees master their physique.

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