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Interested in advancing your fitness education? I’ve developed a comprehensive educational course on the science and practice of personal training.


Who is it for?

The course is primarily aimed at personal trainers and other fitness professionals that coach clients. However, many non-professionals have already followed the course to apply the knowledge to themselves.



The course is fully online and covers the science as well as the practical implementation on how to coach clients:

  • Extensive recommended reading lists.
  • Videos and articles on a new topic every week: designing and personalizing programs, client assessments etc.
  • Q&A sessions.
  • Client case studies of my own clients and help with your clients.
  • Unlimited access to my inbox for questions.
  • A Facebook discussion group where you can ask questions and discuss best practices with the other class members. If you want to remain anonymous, you can simply create an empty Facebook account to participate in the group.

The next course starts on 12 September. This will be a more advanced course than the previous 2 courses. It is actually an extension of the last course, because the majority of the course members were so happy with the course they wanted more content.



Week 1: Making ad libitum diets work: how to lose fat and gain muscle without tracking your macros.

Week 2: An objective look at anabolic androgenic steroids: costs and benefits.

Week 3: Advanced training techniques for muscle hypertrophy.

Week 4: Do-it-yourself science: how to find and interpret scientific fitness research.

Week 5: Common training injuries: how to prevent and treat them.

Week 6: Circadian rhythm control and lifestyle management for fitness, incl. sleep and stress.

Week 7: Supplements: recommendations for your training goals.


How do I sign up?

There are 2 ways to join the course.

1. Pick the topics from the above list that you’re interested in and sign up to receive those contents via email. Price: $79 per week.

2. Join the live Facebook class for all 7 weeks. Price: $499.

Tip: You can declare the course payment as a business cost and save yourself a lot of tax money.

If you’re interested in signing up for the personal training course, check out the page for the PT course or message me on Facebook and I’ll send you a digital invoice that you can pay via Paypal (incl. credit card) or international wire transfer.



“I have learned so much… the astounding knowledge and advice has given me the platform to achieve great things.”
Nina Ross, IFBB Pro Bikini athlete, BSc (hons.), international title holder in Bikini, Figure and Body Fitness


“Best investment I’ve made to upgrade my own science based PT knowledge.”
– Martijn Koevoets, silver placing Dutch powerlifter, strength coach, author, owner of FortiusFitness


“I could write a book on all the new things I have learned. It truly is the best thing I have done for my PT education. The material was very in depth with science to back every thing up… Menno was always very quick to respond to any questions and very helpful in breaking things down.”
– Craig Lapsley, Scottish Personal Trainer, owner of LapsleyFitness


“Great course!! […] scientific and professional. Additionally, he impressed me by answering all the questions in a great way.”
– Fredrik Tonstad VÃ¥rvik, Norwegian Personal Trainer, BSc Sports Science & BSc Nutrition


“Superb and honestly worth ten times the price. I can’t think of a better form of continued professional development. Quite honestly I can say that this was the best learning experience of my entire life. […] The course has a fluid informal feel, whilst encouraging everyone to interact and benefit from each other’s questions and experiences. Menno is rare in that he interprets, implements and teaches a completely rational, evidence based approach but with clear creativity and flair.”
– Steven Kemp, British Personal Trainer, Sports Nutrition student


“[The Bayesian PT Course] will give you the knowlegde to design the most effective program for your cliënts, to give them the best results possible.”
– Jeanet Wolf, Dutch dietitian,  health- and fitness coach, fitness competitor, author, owner of WolfCoaching


“I’ve read just about everything worth reading on the topic of nutrition and training in the last 15 years and have trained with almost a dozen of the Internet’s top physique coaches. Or at least I thought I had until I met Menno! I am astonished how much more I have learned in the short time since his course began. Not only that but Menno has a gift for being able to break down complicated topics into simple, tangible information that you can implement immediately in your client’s as well as your own programs. Bayesian reasoning at it’s best!

Menno’s PT course brought my coaching knowledge and skills to the next level, and I would highly recommend it to anyone else that’s seriously interested in doing the same.”
– Michael Bombard, Power Eng., Canadian physique coach


“I can’t recommend this PT Course highly enough! Menno is one of the most knowledgeable and inspiring people in the industry. If you want real science based knowledge that will make you stand out in this industry, this is for you.”
– Daniel Rimfjäll, Swedish personal trainer, author, owner of VarStudio4


– Michel Snoek, NASM PT, ex-sergeant with the Royal Netherlands Army, pro firefighter, personal trainer, owner of BodyResults


“Joining this course has been the best decision in my fitness life, period. I’ve applied the knowledge gained from this comprehensive course to my clients while learning and the results have been nothing short of amazing!”
– Richard Bell, Medical Personal Trainer, Dutch author


“The Bayesian method is pieced together one topic at a time, in a well organized manner. Nothing is dictated arbitrarily. Instead Menno explains his reasoning pragmatically. The conclusions he draws are then backed up by very clear evidence from numerous studies. I highly recommend this course and the Bayesian Method!”
– Timothy Solomon, American PT, internationally competitive basketball athlete, competitive beach volleyballer, massage therapist


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