I’ve had many hard-working clients, but Armin was definitely among the most hardcore. 

2 Years of training and eating like a bro had resulted in disappointing results, so he needed a scientifically optimized program to take his physique to the next level. 

The goal was simple: maximum muscle, minimal fat. Not a gram of fat or rep in the gym was missed these 7 months.

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Bo was a high-level Olympic weightlifter that needed help to cut down while preserving his strength. 

He ended up gaining a significant amount of strength and could have probably competed in a natural physique show if we had cut a bit further.

Do you want to achieve results like these?

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Alina Alexandrovna Olsen

Alina already had over 10 years of experience when we started working together and could already do chin-ups, but I knew she had much more potential.

She wanted to compete in Bikini and achieve serious Brazilian booty gains.

We had to tone down her muscle mass in other areas to keep her physique within the Bikini reference. We didn’t do bench presses, but if she had, she could have easily competed in powerlifting. Her working weight squats and Romanian deadlifts were over 100 kg (225 lb) and her hip thrust PR was over 200 kg.

Alina has since graduated from my online PT Course and is now coaching her own clients.

This is a work-in-progress compilation of my natural client results.

I semi-anonymized most persons and asked for permission to use their results. 

I tried to find the closest matches between their before and after photos in terms of posing or lighting. But sometimes that was impossible. 

No doping or performance enhancing drugs were used during any of these transformations.

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