Online Coaching Registration

Hi! You’re about to register for my coaching. The following button will start your monthly payment. The payment recurs automatically once per month, so you don’t have to worry about it.

Important: Please email me with which Paypal email address and name you registered, otherwise I won’t know it’s you!

Select your coaching package:


Make sure you send me your fully filled in intake form and photos at least 7 days before we start working together, if you haven’t already.

I will contact you on the coaching start date we agreed upon via email. You then receive your program and a lot of information. During the coaching period we’ll be in frequent contact.


What if I want to stop working together?

If you want to stop working together, just send me an email you wish to stop the coaching and my administration will cancel the recurring payment. You can also do it yourself via your Paypal. If you have already paid for a month of coaching that hasn’t started yet before we stop the coaching, you will get a full refund for it.



If you have any questions about the payment, you can reach my administration at

For questions about the coaching itself, you can reach me at my clients-only email address For general information about the coaching, see my public coaching page.


– Menno

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