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Here are the top posts from my social media (Facebook and Twitter) of October to the end of 2015, selected based on a combination of Likes, shares, comments, feedback and personal preference.


1. A casual pic

When you're in the gym and someone takes a casual pic of you when you grab a dumbbell. *Ahem*

? Menno Henselmans ??? 2015?9?28???


2. Lonnie wins the Danish nationals and can do more pull-ups than the average yoga class combined

Since my previous post about my client Lonnie was so well received (https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=948470231877479&set=vb.331518806905961&type=2&theater), here's an encore. She broke her pull-up PR again in the attached video. Then she won the Danish Nationals. I love it when you tell a client to 'keep balling' and she takes it to heart!

Posted by Bayesian Bodybuilding on Tuesday, October 6, 2015


3. Heart health dogma

New study finds no significant association between following the World Health Organization's diet advice and heart…

? Menno Henselmans ??? 2015?10?6???


4. Not sure if gym

There should be a law against any place calling itself a gym if there's no squat rack. That's a spa, ok?

? Menno Henselmans ??? 2015?11?18???


5. The bros had it all wrong about rest periods

New study I collaborated on with Brad Schoenfeld supports my stance of longer rest periods for muscle growth: http://ow.ly/V9kJj

? Menno Henselmans ??? 2015?11?29???


6. Sorry, no shortcuts

New study debunks the if-only belief that taking breaks from training is in any way good for progress (again): http://ow.ly/VdUV2 Sorry, no shortcuts.

? Menno Henselmans ??? 2015?11?30???


7. Menstrual periodization

Another study supporting menstrual periodization. If you have female clients, you should be implementing this. http://ow.ly/VtHB1

? Menno Henselmans ??? 2015?12?4???

8. Bayesian Bodybuilding’s new research team

All I want for Christmas this year is a team of badass scientific researchers. So I made it happen. As many of you know,…

? Menno Henselmans ??? 2015?12?7???


9. Stretching: a central mechanism?

A recent study (http://ow.ly/VpaIf ) shows that stretching your upper body increases your lower body's flexibility and…

? Menno Henselmans ??? 2015?12?8???


10. Dogan Tekin sets 2 national records

One of the greatest feelings as a coach is to have your clients make you feel like a weakling. Dogan Tekin trained his…

? Menno Henselmans ??? 2015?12?13???


11. Fat acceptance backfires

New study: fat acceptance causes people to get fatter. http://ow.ly/VHVuU

? Menno Henselmans ??? 2015?12?10???


12. Why coaches use one-size-fits-all programs

Why do so many coaches use one-size-fits-all approaches with their clients?"1. They don't know any better. Most of…

? Menno Henselmans ??? 2015?12?30???


13. Strength training beats cardio or a combination for fat loss and health

New meta-analysis supports that strength training is better for health ánd fat loss than endurance training or bóth: http://ow.ly/TNsHm

? Menno Henselmans ??? 2015?10?30???

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