Best of social media 2015 II

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Here are the top posts from my social media (Facebook and Twitter) of April – September 2015, selected based on a combination of Likes, shares, comments, feedback and personal preference.


1. My 3-part series on BCAAs

Click the links in the post to see the first 2 posts.

It is priceless to see the team from Scivation, a BCAA supplement company, try to defend BCAA supplementation after my…

? Menno Henselmans ??? 2015?4?14???


2. Coffee is not bad for you: it’s actually very healthy

Yet more evidence that coffee is very healthy: http://ow.ly/MqLrA

? Menno Henselmans ??? 2015?5?5???


3. Bodybuilding isn’t just about aesthetics

Exercise is not just about looks and strength. It makes you a happier person. http://ow.ly/MyzIl

? Menno Henselmans ??? 2015?5?7???


4. 52 Myths debunked

52 of the world's most common myths debunked: http://ow.ly/NGara

? Menno Henselmans ??? 2015?5?31???


5. The ideal male and female body

These are the preferred male body types by gender according to the recent poll on my page. Main findings:- There wasn'…

? Menno Henselmans ??? 2015?6?16???


These are the preferred female body types by gender according to the recent poll on my page.Main findings:- There was…

? Menno Henselmans ??? 2015?6?25???


6. 4 vs. 6 meals a day

New study: no difference in muscle growth between 4 or 6 meals a day. http://ow.ly/Pmtsg

? Menno Henselmans ??? 2015?7?9???


7. Spotters

I've created an introduction to Bayesian probability.

? Menno Henselmans ??? 2015?7?27???


8. Brain gains

Systematic review finds that students who lift get better grades: http://ow.ly/QDiGl #BrainGains

? Menno Henselmans ??? 2015?8?12???


9. In contemplation

In contemplation atop Nohoch Mul, the largest ancient Mayan temple on the Yucatán peninsula.

? Menno Henselmans ??? 2015?8?24???

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