Antidiet Dietitian podcast: RAPID Q&A part 2 & 3

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Part 2


00:01 Intro

01:04 Does a Good Pump Indicate Effective Training

01:27 Does Mind-Muscle Connection Matter a lot

02:00 When the Mind-Muscle Connection Matters in Workouts

02:52 Does Your Body Fat Set Point Affect Weight Loss and Maintenance Success

03:28 The Impact of Aging on Health and Performance

04:53 Can CGM(continuous Glucose Monitors) Aid in Fat Loss

06:24 Are Ozempic Drug helpful for sustainable weight loss

08:28 Revealing the Truths About Clenbuterol.

11:35 Discussing Ephedrine.

14:08 Do Fat Burners Actually Help?

14:42 Exploring Health Risks Associated with Appetite Suppressant Medications.

15:51 With or Against Protein Bars

17:33 Discussing Reverse Dieting

22:18 The Lean Bulking approach

26:34 Daily Surplus vs. Weekly Surplus: Which Matters More for Your Goals

Part 3


  • True or false/fad or fact & more
  • Adrenal fatigue
  • Cortisol makes you gain weight
  • Calories/nutrition profiles in restatuant /fast food menues are helpful to make better food codes when eating out
  • We all have the same 24h
  • future projects

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