3-Minute High Protein Cheescake

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Cheesecake is awesome. Unfortunately, preparing a cheesecake tends to take up a lot time. Until now! This high protein cheesecake is ready in 3 minutes. Yup: 3 minutes *.


*: not including cool-off time.


Ingredients (makes 1 cheesecake)

100 g – 3.5 oz Cream cheese, light
2 medium Eggs
~ 1/6 teaspoon Sucralose sweetener (or other sweetener to taste)
~ ½ teaspoon Cinnamon
Butter or oil for greasing
Your favorite low calorie fruit spread or syrup (as topping).

Macros (per cheesecake)

Protein: 21 gram
Fat: 23 gram
Carbohydrate: 6 gram
Kcal: 298


  1. Don’t skip this step. Microwave the cream cheese for 10-15 seconds to soften it.
  2. Mix in the eggs, sweetener and cinnamon to taste. Mix everything well.
  3. Grease a bowl with some butter/oil and pour in the cream cheese mixture.
  4. Microwave the ingredients for about 90 seconds and check it. The mixture shouldn’t be runny anymore but it’s good if it still has a slightly soft centre. You can test how well done it is by pressing a spoon carefully on it. If it isn’t ready yet, microwave it for another 30-60 sec.
  5. Take it out of the microwave. Be careful, because your bowl is most likely going to be hot, so use a towel. Cut with a knife around the edges of the cheesecake, to make it easier to transfer it to a plate.
  6. Put the plate in the fridge and let it cool for 30-45 minutes before you put the topping on it.

Instructions (video format)



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