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It’s been a busy, not to say hectic, past several months for me without much time to update everyone on what has been going on, so here’s an update dump.


1. Contest prep

It started with me dropping 400 pounds of steel on my foot.

Then I contacted idiopathic angioedema, for which I still don’t have a diagnosis beyond it being an allergy of sorts.

Then due to some bureaucratic crap from the IFBB I couldn’t compete in the show I planned for.

That resulted in me being in this condition over 4 months out.

Throughout this period, circumstances also had me move 8 times.

And it ended with a car crash.

But I still competed in the end with the WBFF (placed shared 4th/5th) and the whole period has been an absolutely amazing life experience.


In this interview on Sigma Nutrition Radio I discuss the whole prep with Danny Lennon, including how I managed to do it without tracking my macros most of this period.



Here’s a shot of my conditioning about 2 weeks out.


Menno Henselmans beach most muscular


Unfortunately I don’t have any good stage photos. No photos show me hitting a pose at the right moment and the tan-lighting-photo combination made all competitors just look like a ball of glowing bronze without any definition in most shots. Stage photos rarely do the competitors justice though, as all competitors like to bemoan, so here’s what I have.


Menno Henselmans WBFF Men's Fitness Model line-up


Menno Henselmans WBFF Men's Fitness Model side line-up


2. Paleo f(x)

My presentation about metabolic damage at Paleo f(x) went very well and the whole event was awesome just like last year, though being around free tasty paleo food samples all day during contest prep was torturous, ha.


For those that missed it, before the event I wrote a 2-part series on bodybuilding myths for the Paleo f(x) blog. You can read it here.


 Menno Henselmans Paleo fx lecture 2016


3. Miami seminar

In this same period I held a seminar in Miami. It was great to see people came all the way from Mexico and Peru to attend.


Bayesian Bodybuilding Miami seminar 2016

4. New study publication

Two years ago I published my review paper on the optimal rest interval for muscle growth with Brad Schoenfeld. It’s still one of the most popular papers in the most prestigious journal in exercise science. Now, we co-authored an experimental study on short vs. long rest periods for bodybuilding. You can read the study abstract here. As I’ve been saying since the beginning, the idea of ‘short rest for bodybuilding; long rest for strength’ is a myth.


Some people, in the true nihilist culture of the current fitness industry, have taken our papers to mean that your rest period doesn’t matter at all and you can rest however long you want, whether it’s 5 minutes or 5 seconds. That’s not the case. Your rest intervals have a significant impact on your results, as our above study demonstrates. Not because of the old idea that you need metabolic stress for maximum muscle growth, but mainly because your rest periods affect your training volume. And training volume is arguably the most important variable to optimize in any training program.


5. Keto Summit

I’ll be speaking at the online Keto Summit on 25 September. You can find more information here. Attendees will receive a free copy of the Henselmans PT Certification Course section on ketogenic dieting for bodybuilding and strength trainees.


Speaking of ketogenic dieting, here’s a new study on the effect of ketosis on energy expenditure and fat loss.


6. Masters of Muscle seminar

I’m also greatly looking forward to the Masters of Muscle seminar on 23 July in Vienna, Austria. The guys from Intelligent Strength are great and I look forward to meeting my co-speaker Mike Tuchscherer in person as well as training in the new Intelligent Strength gym.

Not convinced you should go yet? Watch this short video.


Menno Henselmans Intelligent Strength chains


7. Upcoming research publications

The Bayesian Bodybuilding research team has several research publications up and running, so in 2017 I hope we’ll be able to publish several papers. Live around Cambridge University and want to help out? You’ll receive a lot of advanced information about your body, including muscle quality and your accurate body fat percentage, in addition to receiving free protein powder and customized diet design. You’ll need to be able to stick to our diet for 3 weeks though. See our flyer below for more information and how to contact Anastasia from the research team.


Protein study recruitment


8. I’m on Instagram

After many requests I made the plunge into Instagram. Click here to follow my updates. I’ll be posting more photos of my recent contest prep and photo shoots there.


By the way, if anyone knows a good way to use Instagram on a Windows 10 PC, please post it in the comments below! I hate using my phone for anything other than phone calls.


9. Cybernetic Fitness

Still in development… about 2 years after their original deadline, we concluded that our original team of website designers simply wasn’t up to our standards. So we hired a team of software engineers that’s now rewriting all the code. If you’re subscribed to the newsletter, you’ll receive an email when Cybernetic Fitness opens for registrations again.


10. The Bayesian PT Course

The 5th round of the Bayesian PT Course Certification Program just ended. With the help of my research team, the course is reaching new heights every iteration now. Combined with the Norwegian and the Dutch versions of the course and my upcoming partnership with SQUATS Academy in India, soon there will be over a thousand Bayesian PTs all across the world. The next course round is tentatively set to start at the end of this year or early 2017, so keep an eye out if you want to enroll.


Here’s one of many awesome reviews we received from this round.

“Menno’s course is the best money you can spend in your life and not just if you want to become a PT. He will educate you not only about training and nutrition but also psychology. Menno is always available to answer all your questions. He is passionate about this and he gives you 10 times value more than what you pay for. I am currently recommending this to all my friends!”

– Dr. Alessandro Ferrari, PhD in biochemistry, PT and author at www.TheBroScientist.com


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