Vegan Coaching

Build muscle and get lean on a plant-based diet

Stop struggling with balancing your macros on a vegan diet or finding high protein, low calorie, low carb vegan foods.

For Who?

If you are vegan and want to make the best of your body and your athletic performance. Or if you aren't a vegan, but you are interested in becoming plant-based. If you are committed to transforming your body and your life, apply for vegan coaching now.

Easily applicable 

Strategies for success

Tools and strategies on how to change unhealthy habits, how to stay on track when travelling, what food to order when eating out not to sabotage your results, anti-emotional eating and unnecessary snacking strategies, quick diet-friendly meal ideas for busy lifestyle.


Training program

A training program that's genetically optimized and tweaked according to your training stage, progress and psychological state.


Nutrition program

Science-based muscle gain and fat loss nutrition programs designed to reduce hunger, increase satiety and give you a high satisfaction with your diet. Constant support with versatile recipes tailored to your taste and food preferences. 

Science-based vegan nutrition program 

With ideal protein content and optimized essential amino acid ratio

Customized training program

For your individual body composition and strength goals, no matter if you are a competitive bodybuilder, powerlifter, or just someone who wants to get fit and look great

Vegan recipes

Many versatile science-based, custom-designed fat loss and muscle building recipes created for high satiety and high satisfaction even on a weight loss diet

Elimination of emotional eating problems

Emotional eating problems may be the biggest obstacle for getting the body you want. Anastasia is a successful behaviour change coach and author of the book “Food Obsession”

Meticulous tracking and monitoring

Direct communication using Skype sessions and email exchange, monitoring using a digital progress and well-being log, on-screen lifting technique analysis and diet analysis

About Anastasia

Watch this short video where Anastasia introduces herself and Vegan coaching


Anastasia is an ethical vegan, international powerlifter, competitive phsysique athlete, scientific writer and head of research at

She has a PhD in biochemistry from the university of cambridge and has over 4 years of experience helping more then 100 clients acchieve their goals.

She has built all her muscle and strength on a vegan diet.

She's also a PlanBuilt team member: PlantBuilt is a team of vegan strength athletes who compete together to raise awareness, that it is possible to build muscle and be a successful athlete on a vegan diet. While also raising money for animal sanctuaries and vegan outreach.

What others say about Anastasia

Compassionate vegan bikini and sports model competitor

Training seriously for about 18 months now. Thanks so much to my amazing coach Anastasia. Even though she is on the other side of the globe, having Anastasia by my side has been an invaluable and incredible experience. 

Vegan Powerlifter, English U47 Junior Champion And YNE Open And Junior Squat Record Holder

Anastasia is my #1 person to thank – she listen to my goals and has helped me achieve them, and I’ve seen such an improvement in my gym performance and cooking and nutrition skills!

Apply for Vegan Coaching

Apply for Vegan coaching

You will receive an email from Anastasia with an intake-form and the costs.
  • Tell me more about your goals and the problems you have reaching them.
  • No-results-money-back guarantee: If after following my program meticulously for a month, you have not progressed, you will get your money back.
  • 5% Testimonial discount: If you allow me to use your semi-anonymized data and photos (e.g. face blurred or cropped) for professional purposes, like case studies in the online Henselmans PT Course.

What others say about Anastasia

Training seriously for about 18 months now. Thanks so much to m amazing coach Anastasia. Even though she is on the other side of the globe, having Anastasia by my side has been an invaluable and incredible experience. I had barely lifted a dumbbell when I decided I wanted to start building muscle.

Anastasia made it clear and enjoyable, and inspired me to continue my journey of strength and health. She took the stress out of diet and exercise, and allowed me to focus on achieving my goals. Anastasia made sure I knew exactly what I had to do - what I should eat and when, and how I should train. She made sure it would suit my circumstances and fit my personal preferences.

She made me feel very important and that there was no question too stupid that I could ask. Her biochemist background and involvement as a competitive powerlifter adds to her credibility. I trust her completely and am forever grateful for how she has helped me. I am a stronger person on many levels because of her.
Compassionate vegan bikini and sports model competitor
Anastasia is my #1 person to thank – she listen to my goals and has helped me achieve them, and I’ve seen such an improvement in my gym performance and cooking and nutrition skills!
Vegan powerlifter, english U47 junior champion and YNE open and junior squat record holder
I love working with Anastasia!  I’ve been an amateur athlete all my life and involved in a variety of sports and extreme adventuring, but switching from bodybuilding to powerlifting has been the most challenging transition I have ever undertaken. 
And, I am doing it at age 47 with two busted knees and during one of the most chaotic and stressful times in my life.  But, Anastasia has kept me focused and on track to reach my goals!  In just 6 months, I’ve made incredible gains in all of my lifts, and I feel fantastic!  Even though we’re an ocean apart, she is always accessible, always has creative suggestions that are truly workable options for real life, and is genuinely interested in my success as I define it.  

I wanted to work with her because she is an accomplished vegan strength athlete and because her scientific approach to nutrition and training is what gets results.  I am sticking with her because she approaches her clients as individuals with unique lives and needs for guidance, and she motivates me to be the best that I can be.  

I also love that she indulges me during our Skype sessions when I ask a million questions about the latest in training and nutrition research.
Vegan physique athlete and powerlifter
Anastasia has been my coach for more than a year and a half now and I couldn't be happier with her work. She's helping me to reach my goals and thanks to her support and guidance I'm improving more and more every day. Coming from an eating disorder past, to me it was really important to find someone that would understand how hard it can be for some people to have a healthy relationship with food and exercise.

She did not only understand but also made a giant positive impact in my recovery journey. Focusing on health and becoming stronger instead of just obsessing over thinness is getting easier to me every day, mostly because of the great influence she has become.

If you are looking for someone truly knowledgeable, strong and compassionate that will help you get wherever you want to be in terms of self-improvement, she is totally the right person.
Thank you so much for all your help so far. You have helped me with a lot more than nutrition. I have changed a lot since I changed diet. I feel calmer because I live more according to my values. I don’t feel bad when eating. I feel good because I know that no animals had to be killed for it. I have gotten tougher and you have inspired me to not care that much about what other people may think
Client who recently transitioned to veganism
Before I started working with Anastasia, performance-based nutrition was a mystery to me. Despite being a generally healthy eater, I wasn’t making the gains I wanted. Anastasia’s clear, thorough, and most importantly, science-based explanations and resources helped me understand how to better balance my diet and track my performance to ensure that I am progressing, both in my training and my aesthetic goals.

Even while cutting weight, I have continued to make performance gains in all of my lifts.
Vegan powerlifter
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