Strength training and diet tips for beginners [Nutrition with Judy podcast]

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Judy Cho interviewed me on her podcast, Nutrition with Judy, about strength training and low-carb dieting for beginners. The topics covered should be familiar to long-term subscribers, but beginners and low-carb dieters should definitely check out the timestamps below to see what they’re interested in. (More advanced lifters will probably resonate more with my podcast on similar topics with Robert Sikes.) I highly respect that Judy also asked me questions she knew I’d have an answer to that differed from her approach, as she’s a proponent of the carnivore diet and I’m not. Being open to other perspectives is something I always admire. Enjoy!



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  • 1. Menno Henselmans Intro
  • 2. Cardio vs Weight lifting
  • 3. The Best Workout
  • 4. Working Out the Whole Body or Isolating Muscle Groups?
  • 5. Men vs Women and Workouts? 6. Ideal Repetitions for Men and Women?
  • 7. How to Best Lose Fat? 8. Dietary Fat for Preventing Muscle Loss?
  • 9. Benefits of Fat Consumption 10. Carbs before Working Out
  • 11. The Nocebo Effect 12. Women and Diet (and Fat)
  • 13. Risks of Undereating 14. Risks of Diet Cycle with Undereating and Bingeing
  • 15. Weekly Intake of Calories
  • 16. How Much Should We Eat?
  • 17. Keto vs. Carnivore
  • 18. The Importance of Habits
  • 19. Menno’s New Book: The Science of Self-Control

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Menno Henselmans

Formerly a business consultant, I've traded my company car to follow my passion in strength training. I'm now an online physique coach, scientist and international public speaker with the mission to help serious trainees master their physique.

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